Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Loving Hattie

The Coffee House blog has a great piece today about the sheer pluck and good value you always gets from Labour's Deputy Leader & Acting Leader of the Opposition, Harriet Harman. I agree. You can never say that Harman doesn't give it everything, even when she faced an assured and dominant Cameron. The PM battered Harman all over the ring today and even at her lowest point, Harman managed to bounce back to try another swipe. She failed miserably, but some on the party backbenches must admire her courage. Compared to the rather pisspoor efforts from the Labour Leadership candidates, they must be pleased that she'll stay on as Deputy Leader no matetr what happens.

It includes this wonderful passage:

The unthinkable has happened. I’ve started to admire Batty Hattie’s performances at PMQs. Her career may be over, her party may be trashed, her movement may drift leaderless, and her colleagues’ reputation may have been shot to pieces but Hattie always turns up and gives it everything. Nature has not overburdened her with talent. She can’t count. She can hardly speak. She reacts to events about as quickly as a self-timing oven but she has epic quantities of pluck. Every week she pounds out into the surf, like a battleship equipped for the last war but two, and heads for the centre of the fray where she refuses to sink under the heaviest fire.

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comrade?? said...

The Labour party always rewards staying power. It is recognised that it takes a lot to survive when you are waist deep in so much bile, vitriol and bullshit for so long...