Friday, June 11, 2010

Victoria's Canvassing Guide

Victoria McDonald is one of those peopel I know through Twitter rather than real-life and she is a memebr of Norwich Labour, but I have just discovered her very good blog. Since wondering what to do with mine, I've learnt a lot more respect for blogs of all sorts and Victoria writes very well.

However this post - if you have a few minutes - is well worth the time. It is all about the etiquette of canvassing and these rules are equal to people of all parties; plus a few rules for householders. When the election was in full flow I got very frustrated when you'd walk up massive drives only for the resident to ignore you when at the door so, yes, I do give them 2 knocks ... but only to be sure they heard!! I also think you ought to dress according to your area, because people want to talk to canvassers who look like they understand the need of the area. I never wore a pin-stripped suit (though, yes, I own one) when canvassing the estates in Norwich. Other than that I totally agree with the lot ... especially the requests to residents!

Canvassing is a wonderful thing and people expect their politicans to make the effort. We should do so with pleasure and follow Victoria's excellent guide!

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The T Boy said...

My dear Antony, how very kind of you to refer to my blog in this way it.

I do indeed agree with the idea of dressing accordingly; I do knock twice if I can hear people in the garden and there should be a statutory size/height of letterbox!