Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Anybody else noticed ...

That Harriet Harman has backed Diane Abbott as new Labour Leader!! Her nomination signatures are here.

Actually I assume she wanted to ensure a woman was on the ballot paper, but given David Milliband's pledge to give his signature to any candidate who needed it, it would be an interesting situation for both the Acting Leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary "supporting" Ms Abbott.

Another interesting thought is if MPs can switch their nominations. Currently Ms Abbott has 11 backers, whilst Hayes (where I was born) MP John McDonnell has 16. So would they both lose out or could they swap nominations to ensure at least one of them got on the ballot?

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Adam Brown said...

Yes they can transfer their votes, and McDonnell has stated he will ask his supporters to add their nominations to Ms Abbott, so I would expect that in a few hours.

Bet as a local boy it must make you proud of all of McDonnell's publicity - Disrupting the debate with the ceremonial mace, supporting the IRA, Calling for Thatchers assasination, Libeling his oponants - What a great Member of Parliament he is!