Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winning the e-war in Norwich South

This excellent website seems to have taken a lot of time and trouble to review the online presence of all selected candidates in constituencies around Norfolk. He includes some very detailed feedback, including on websites, blogs, social networking and how they all link together. It is very thorough and Chris Bardell really does seem to have made something very up-to-date and useable here.

In an article in which the LibDems are described as just "adequate" and Charles Clarke is "uninspiring", it is good to see the efforts made by the Conservatives in the City coming out on top. We have put a lot of effort into our online campaign and it really does pay off - our doorstepping tells us this too. The Tory effort in Norwich South beats all of the other parties.

There are convincing wins for Brandon Lewis in Yarmouth and also Chloe Smith in Norwich North in their seats.

I am really convinced this is going to be an internet election and we are well ahead of the curve - with more to come still. I take on board what Chris says about the use of the facebook group - although my own page and the campaigners page does make up for some of this - so we clearly have more to do to improve further. Let's go for it!


Chris Bardell said...

Thanks for your comments, Antony.

It's fair to say that - aside from a few exceptions such as Norman Lamb of the Lib Dems - the Conservatives are clearly putting a lot more time & effort into communicating via the web & social media than the other parties.

And I would like to stress that all the reviews were done in a strictly non-partisan way. I certainly have my own views, but I figured that allowing those in would have cheapened the quality.

I do expect other parties to catch up as the election looms nearer.

Anonymous said...

The website analysis are excellent Antony.

IMO- e-electioneering is/will be important; however this should not substitute from less press the flesh, face to face discussions or getting more voters to the voting station.