Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Don't get excited

The Hoon-Hewitt plot (backed by Norwich MP Clarke) has set Wesminster alight in the snow today. And yet from the excitement of lunchtime it has all fizzled out. Why? Because Labour MPs are spineless and unable to act in the way that the Tories did in 2003 or the LibDems in 2007. Most of their MPs would rather go down to defeat with Brown and have a post-election bloodbath than do so now in the hope of producing a leader who may just save them a few extra seats. OK, that's fine by me and probably fine by Cameron too.

So let's not get too excited; it'll all come to nothing, as usual from Labour.

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Anonymous said...

Just an interesting thought Antony.

If Norwich Labour Party vote tomorrow night to deselect Clarke (as Iain Dale has heard on the grape vine); it would make me laugh if clarke decided to announce:

a) Cross the floor for 2-4 months
b) Announced a head to head leadership bid overnight, before Norwich Labour can send him to Gulag.

Frankly, he's nothing to lose from his current position.

Whether Brown, Clarke..a few dead men standing.