Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cracks in St. Andrew's Car Parks

The news that cracks have started to appeal in St. Andrew's Car Park is very worrying indeed, especially as this is a much trumpeted effort which has won awards in the past. I hope that the council are swift in their report on this because the public will naturally be concerned. I have submitted an emergency question to Council on Tuesday but am yet to hear if it has been accepted. In the meantime you can read more here.


J Simmons said...

This is worrying Antony and you are correct in raising it.

Lets hope this is not systemic of a wider structural problem. As a driver who uses the car park on a regular basis I am deeply worried. PLUS - we are in desperate need of car parking spaces. But with the Labour executive in the People's Republic of Norwich who knows what will happen.

Anonymous said...

j simmons get real

Unknown said...

I have to add, the cracks were there before Christmas. It is amazing they have only just noticed.