Friday, January 08, 2010

The BBC vs. Reality

When he's not talking about politics, Norfolk Blogger tends to be spot on. In this post, he highlights the massive difference between online weather forecasts from the Met / BBC. He's totally correct too; not only are there massive differences between different companies but areas only miles apart have totally different weather forecasts.

So today I am conducting my experiemet of comparing the BBC forecast to what is actually happening outside of the window in the City Centre.

The BBC said 9am would be "sunny". My window said it was "snow blizzard".

Not a good start. More later.

UPDATE: BBC says snow by midday; my window says clear with some sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

The best indicator is the Met Office precipiation radar sequence. Also factor in 2-3 degrees for the Norwich urban warming effect- which is the difference between rain/sleet/snow..although at -10C non of these matter.

BBC are useless with pretty presenters.