Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clarke votes for longer holidays

Charles Clarke must now justify why, yesterday, he voted for an extended 12 day holiday for MPs in February instead of the usual 7. Conservative MPs opposed the move which was only supported by Labour MPs.

MPs have ridiculously long holidays and to extend them is a slap in the face for British people who pay their wages. This government has a long list of problems to tackle, mostly of their making, such as reducing the deficit, tackling anti-social behaviour and improving the NHS. Surely this must keep them busy at Westminster?

But no, Charles Clarke and his Labour friends vote for more holiday instead of tackling our problems.

David Cameron has set out that the Conservatives will, in necessary, work through the summer holidays after being elected to get a grip on the problems created by Labour.

Mr Clarke's move is cynical - if Labour doesn't have anything to do, maybe they ought to get round to calling a General Election?


Captain Scarlett said...

So you think Labour are bad and Conservatives are good.

Yeah I like the logic of thinking in terms of simple dichotomies.

Antony said...

Captain, have you actually read my blog? If you did you may find out that the only simplistic statements on here is the one you posted! Politics is never that easy.