Thursday, January 14, 2010

Greens are petty and shortsighted when they reject jobs for the City

The decision of Green Councillor to work en bloc to reject a planning application for the car park of the disused Romany Pub on Colman Road for a new shop is nothing short of disgraceful and shows the party up for the shortsighted bunch they are.

Forget the jobs created through construction, forget the jobs created when the store opens, forget the virtual lack of local opposition and forget the need to clean up this site.

Don't worry about the fact we're in a recession and ought to be doing all we can to back business.

The Green Party rejected this proposal just in case Tesco are planning to buy the site after planning permission is granted. I am told that Tesco's have no idea about the site, haven't made any approaches and don't have plans for a store in the area.

So why have the Greens done this? Because their shortsighted attitude is going to drag this City down. I am furious with their petty actions; I hope all those in the area who are unfortunate enough to not have employment and may have applied for these jobs note who has denied them this opportunity.


Green Bean said...

But Antony, there case is for local jobs in Norwich specific to the population which the Greens support. Why should we have another Tesco's if the people of Norwich do not want it?

On the issue of jobs etc, it is the Tory County Council that is cutting back on the public services provided in and around Norwich, asset stripping with the proposed privatization of county farms, and cutting back on Special Educational Needs in Norfolk schools, and the Day Centers. So don't go around pointing the finger at the Green Party. You need to look at the ruling Tory administration for that.

You talk about keeping council tax low - but are willing to cut services while we pay the same rate. It doesn't make sense.
Aren't we getting less value for money?

Bring on Norwich Unitary is what I say.

Paul said...

"So why have the Greens done this? Because their shortsighted attitude is going to drag this City down."

I think the Tory administration at County Hall is doing a fair job at that aren't they Antony, with the Day Centre closures!

Antony said...

Thank you Green Bean and Paul for those 2 remarkably similar comments both made within 2 minutes of each other!!

Green Bean first - the point is that Tesco's have not made an approach for this. If they had I might understand the problem a bit more? Public opposition? One resident I think you will find. This is the Greens opposition for oppositions sake I am afraid. Even you cannot deny that; this could be a local run convenience store and - anyway - it creates local jobs.

Paul - the Day Centre closures are an attrocious move and you won't hear me say (or type) a good word for them.

Paul said...

But Antony - IT IS A TORY ADMINISTRATION that is proposing to close the day care centers. So how do you defend against that. I am sorry to say you will not see me vote Tory at the next election.

The list goes on - County Farm privatization, cuts in Special Educational Needs funding (SpLD), turning lights off which will lead to an increase in crime.

Do you agree with all those policies above?

Antony said...

Paul, you won't vote Conservative because yoy have never planned to - I have seen your comments on here before remember!
I have never been slavish to the Tory County Council, anybody in local politics including City Councillors can tell you that. As one person put it on the doorsteps on Staurday, I an noted for my independence of thought!!

As for the issues you mention a blog comment is too short a space to do them justice but for the education point I refer you to the DCSF and on lights we have to distinguish between the policy (which tonight all parties backed) and the way that have been introduced (which none did).