Wednesday, September 29, 2004

What a great start to the week! A full five period day (bit of a Christmas sing-a-long with Year 9) followed by a fantastic canvassing session in the City. We started off by visiting a sheltered housing scheme and got a really warm reception. We then headed off and did some door knocking down Eaton Road, the home of my former school CNS. Got quite a mixed reception – plenty of people are beginning to look at Blair again, but former LibDems mostly. A lot of good Conservatives and a few poster sites too! My team is really shaping up for this fight and even on Charles Clarke’s doorstep he’s fighting the LibDems for second place.

Funnily enough, one of his neighbours said that despite “claiming” to live in the road, Mr Clarke has never called! I’m really enjoying getting out and about – not to ask for votes but just to see what’s concerning people. Crime is definitely topping the poll, with transport making ground on it. I have to say that Iraq was mentioned only once (against the war) and hunting once (pro-hunting).

One man even asked if there was to be a Respect – The Unity Coalition (George Galloway) candidate. Anyone like to shed any light?

Yesterday I joined a team leafleting in Mancroft ward – the great thing about the City wards is that I always find new homes in the back streets and alleyways that impress me! I then went on to the first UEA Conservative Future dinner out, starting at the Union bar and moving into the City.
On my way there I met an old friend and union hack who, rather funnily, told me that he was having problems deciding on how to vote. He simply couldn’t vote Labour (who can?!?) but after having met the local LibDems he couldn’t vote for them either. As the anguish crossed his face he slowly admitted: “Maybe, just maybe…”

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