Sunday, September 12, 2004

Just got time to settle down and blog after another hectic weekend. Friday was shockingly busy at school and Louise has not been well recently. We had some old school friends up to stay – my Best Man in fact – and took a tour of North West Norfolk, taking in Kings Lynn, Castle Rising and going up and down the coast. Fish ‘n’ Chips on a freezing cold beech (lovely) and then some ride on the seafront which almost caused them to make a re-appearance. Nice.

I spent the afternoon in the office sorting through the surveys that have been coming back in their hundreds. I am no longer surprised at the sheer number of new members and the offers of help we are getting – the feeling on the doorstep is good and that is being reflected in people’s willingness to get involved in the Conservative Party again.

A couple of nights ago we did an evening of telephone canvassing across Cringleford, where the Tory vote seems incredibly strong. One lady thanked me (and, as a politician, it isn’t often that happens) for my campaign to expose the true face of the LibDems. That’s fine, I said, I fully intend to carry on! I never think telephone canvassing is as good as knocking on doors (though much warmer on cold nights!) and to reinforce that, one gentleman said he’s only talk to me if I called on him. True to form the next night I went around to meet him. A lovely man, ex-RAF, who voted Labour in ’97 and ’01 but felt he was ready to come back to the Conservatives now!

Survey quotes of the day: (A new regular feature):

Question: What is the solution to anti-social behaviour?

“Zero tolerance policing – small crime leads of big crime” (Chester Place)

“Encourage better parenting” (Park Lane)

“Starts from cradle discipline then into schools” (Hellesdon Road)

“Greater financial penalties” (Mile End Road)

I’ll try to post a few each day to give you some idea about what people in Norwich think!

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