Monday, September 13, 2004

Good day at school today, plus had a great opportunity to catch up with an old UEA friend who has come to stay and look around to see if she really wants teaching as a career.

Have new updated personal profile on - plus lovely picture of me! Notice the party has a new campaigning website for the Hartlepool by-election. I do hope people see through the negative stunts and misleading barcharts and vote according to policies and candidates.

Interestingly the number of people who returned their Norwich Survey 2004 saying they'd vote according to candidate not party is large. I'm sure that can only do me good - I want my campaign to based on the doorstep, meeting people, listening to concerns and offering real solutions. No doubt my opponents - and we all know which party I mean - will want to debase this election into a silly tactical voting contest but I'm not sure the people of Norwich will fall for it. We want a local man to be our MP and be ready to stand up to a nanny state government that has failed us all.

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