Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When a friend text me to say that “RJ is now in the Shadow Cabinet”, I briefly thought that Michael Howard had finally come to his senses and appointed John Randall to his rightful place around the Shadow Cabinet table. However, it subsequently turns out to be John Redwood. I am actually quite pleased about this appointment – love him or loath him, Redwood is one of the strongest performers in the Commons and the Party and we do need his intellect and talent back on the frontbench. I can remember when he was Shadow Trade and Industry and what a fantastic job he did them. Slowly but surely the big beasts of the Tory Party are coming back, united under Michael Howard, ready for government.

Last nights Campaign Centre meeting was extremely positive – lots of people ready to go! Surveys coming in at an incredible rate – literally thousands returned so we’re taking a while to process them. The general feedback is that crime tops the concern list followed by education. Those will be the big campaign themes I suspect, rather than the ridiculous nonsense being pumped out by Labour (a prize for anybody who finds a Labour leaflet in Norwich South at the moment) and the Greens who are off on another anti-road bash by campaigning against the dualling of the A11. Still, let them be.

School today was pretty tiring too – Prince Edward was visiting today. Did I get to meet him??? Don’t start me on that one! All my classes seem really nice – have a huge GCSE set too. ‘A’ Level pupils show a lot of promise too. I like life at the moment!

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