Monday, September 06, 2004

The best news of the day is the new Tory plans on education after the party revealed where it is going to make £1.1bn of savings to redirect into the frontline of education.

The proposals – to streamline inspection processes, slim down the LEAs and cut staff at the Department for Education and Skills – would provide an extra £158 per pupil to be spent at the chalkface.

Seven quangos face the chop, in a “cull on bureaucracy” to provide for better teaching and learning.

These proposals will remove vast swathes of unnecessary government control over education spending here in Norwich, and put large sums of extra cash in the front line where it belongs, to be spent by Head teachers and professionals on the things that matter to schools.

It is essential that more money should go to front-line schools to help teachers, and less on paying for bureaucrats who simply harass us.

There can also be little doubt that few of my teaching colleagues will miss the quangos, bureaucracies and paper-shuffling empires which we will sweep away as part of these changes!

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