Saturday, October 02, 2004

A double dose of doorstepping today - firstly in Town Close and then onto Colney.

I began the day in the office to get an update on traffic plans in Norwich from Eve Collishaw and then spoke to a representative of the South Harford Pensioners enquiring about our new Conservative policy to link pensions with earnings, not inflation. After initially being very sceptical about the whole thing I really believe they were won around on the issue. The Conservatives are, after all, the natural home for the "grey vote".

We then went out onto the doorsteps of Town Close and got a really good reaction - from those who were in! Have pledged to go back to the same roads one evening this week to catch the outs. Very strong Tory support with issues ranging from education to inheritance tax! I also met loads of Green supporters, all of whom claim to have switched from the LibDems. The Greens really feel they can do well at both local and national level. I'm not sure myself, but most people say they prefer the Greens principled stands to the "cheap electioneering" of the LibDems - one voters words, not mine.

I then went back to Bowthorpe for lunch and onto Colney for a very wet afternoon session! Boy, I almost know how it feels to have a rural constituency. I love campainging in urban towns and cities but there is nothing better than going for a romp in the countryside and finding a Conservative behind every door. The people in Colney are so friendly - they all wanted to talk so we only completed half the village! You know a tight knit community when everybody mentions the same issues - work on the B1108 Watton Road and expansion around the new N&N. Had a long conversation with the Chairman of the Colney Parish Council and (don't tell my agent) even got to pop around Colney church for a look!

It's been a pretty good week in the media too! Wednesday saw me in the Evening News giving the council the rough end about the dreadful closure of Carrow Road Bridge on the previous Saturday (don't get me going) and today I am calling (once again) for the City Council to scrap the bus lane on the Newmarket Road and really give the motorist a break. As ever John Peacock - a senior Green Party activist and so-called public transport campaigner - disagreed with me. It strikes me that when we have a bus service worthy of the name that we can start looking again at Bus Lanes.

Not off to conference (will stick with my lovely Year 11's instead) but wish all those going a fantastic week!

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