Thursday, October 21, 2004

I’m just back from a fantastic evening speaking to the UEA Politics Society. I say roughly 30 people came to hear my views on the political situation in Norwich. I don’t think I’m quite what they expected! One student said afterwards that I was “young, honest and so unlike the Tory Party nationally.” Not quite sure how to take that (!) but she did say that she would no at least seriously consider voting for me, if not the Conservative Party. Topics we covered included the rise (and fall) of UKIP, the US elections, sport in school, the electoral system, the fall and continued fall of the LibDems in Norwich, buses, Student Loans Company and the next Leader of the Conservative Party. Interestingly, no questions on top up fees or Iraq … but you may expect that from a group who specialise in the study of politics as a science. Good opportunity to meet them all informally at the pub afterwards too!

Fantastic response to our “Park Lane Junction” petition so far, and I’m setting up and launching an e-mail address for that petition tomorrow with the newly formed Nelson Ward Branch. First wave of our pledge voters mailing went out today! All fingers (and toes) crossed…

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