Friday, October 15, 2004

It’s always a pleasure writing this blog straight after school on a Friday because it helps to put the week into perspective, after my last post on Monday. The week has simply flown by.

Tuesday we went out canvassing (again, I hear you cry) down Unthank Road (again, I hear you cry – well, it is a very long road!) and then onto a sheltered housing scheme. The support there was excellent and spent a long time talking to the warden and her husband about provision for senior citizens. Such friendly people and so many offers to come in for tea!

I went straight from that to a Campaign strategy meeting to meet our new director of such matters – a lady by the name of Katie and a real laugh to boot! We laid some really exciting plans out that will really transform the way in which we campaign in Norwich.

Wednesday was so physically tiring at work that I can still feel the pain in my feet! The amount of campaigning that went on that night was incredible. We had UEA students out delivering on campus and in University Ward, another team leafleting in Nelson Ward and I led a canvass team out in Town Close. I make it nearly 20 people out of the streets for me on a wet Wednesday night. It can only make you feel good about what is to come! Got home really late though…

Thursday at work got no easier and in the evening I went to a North Norfolk Conservative event at Holt. I went with our new County candidate for Eaton, Nathan Bennett. It was hosted by the excellent PPC Iain Dale and the guest speaker was Taunton MP Adrian Flook who made a speech called “How to beat a LibDem”. Apart from being very amusing – he described their campaigning tactics in full – he also gave us some great ideas on how to counter their attacks.

Tonight on the other hand I may just catch some time with the wife and unborn child (phew!) before an all day canvass-athon in Thorpe Hamlet tomorrow and leafleting on Sunday. Also worthy of note today was my LibDem opponent’s letter attacking me in the EDP. I won’t say any more – I’ll leave that for others to think about, but I’m sure of my ground!

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