Monday, October 11, 2004

From about an hour ago when I thought that the week was fairly free, my diary has just filled up a treat! Tomorrow night I am joining a team out canvassing the part of the Unthank Road that they didn’t do on Saturday (they’re keen!) and then onto a Campaign Strategy Meeting. Wednesday I’ve had to cancel being at a leaflet drop with the UEA students in order to attend a Town Close canvassing session. Thursday I am heading up to North Norfolk for Iain Dale’s meeting with a senior Tory MP to discuss the topic “How to beat the Liberal Democrats” – a topic I am very keen on! Friday I may even see my wife…

Back from a very interesting session meeting residents who live off Hall Road. The blocks of flats look fairly standard from the outside but what a large number of people had done to them on the inside was incredible. A mixture of people who had bought their own flats and those still rent off the council. Crime and public transport were the two major issues here and it is interesting the number of former Labour voters who are – in my view – seriously now shopping around for another party to vote for. It doesn’t matter how often Mr Blair promises to “think big”, if there is no delivery on the ground people just won’t trust him (or other politicians for that matter). Although, in Labour’s favour for just a moment, I did find 2 former LibDems who have swung back to Labour – because the LibDems are “too left wing”! I was also very pleased to be instantly recognised on the doorstep. “Yes, Mr Little, you’re my man,” he said before ordering me to get off his doorstep and start converting his neighbours!

Newsflash: Just opened my mail to find a letter from a lady in Lakenham blasting the LibDems for promising a pension hike. “Utter political nonsense” she says. Oh dear, looks like making big, uncosted promises isn’t as safe as it used to be!

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