Wednesday, June 02, 2004

What would life be like in a Conservative City? Bowthorpe candidate and Parliamentary Spokesman for Norwich South, Antony Little, explains:

"You would have a council that listened to you, and acted in the interest of the City

and its residents, from Bowthorpe to Thorpe Hamlet and

Catton Grove to Town Close. "

"You would have a council that cared about all in society and worked to

include all of our citizens.

As we go around Norwich, people keep saying to us that they feel let

down by Labour, and let down by the Lib Dems, who have wasted the last two

years in City Hall."

"They could have expanded the recycling service, but haven't."

"They could have improved public transport, but haven't."

"They could have worked to clear up the fly tipping, but haven't."

"Norwich Conservatives want to make things better in Norwich. That means

taking a stand against fly tipping but making the Mile Cross tip free

for use. That means freeing up our roads again and reversing road

closures. That means encouraging people onto buses by making it free

for our senior citizens. That means employing city rangers to clean up

both our City Centre and our suburbs. That means abolishing parking


"The Conservatives have a vision for Norwich - a moving City, a clean

City and a working City. A vote for the Conservatives is not just a

vote against congestion charging and the fiasco in our market, it's a

vote for a new kind of community politics in Norwich, a vote for getting things

done for local people. "

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