Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hi – just back from a hefty few days on the campaign trail, and a hefty few days at school! After the torture that was Year 10 Exam week (number of pupils not in trouble: 196), this week was fieldwork and rewards trip week. So, Cromer here we come for two days (Tuesday and Friday) and a rather exciting afternoon at Megazone on St. Stephens Street (Wednesday). On paper there seems to be nothing duller than any coursework on Cromer. However, after a trip around it with the utterly impressive Sue Mills (is there anything about Cromer she doesn’t know?!?) I was prepared for similar with the pupils. Tuesday’s group listened in total crisp silence whilst we wandered from Church to building to museum. Friday’s group asked awkward question and cracked poor quality crab-related jokes. All came to a head with a plastic sword, so least said…

As for Megazone, at what point I left my sanity behind and decided to play the game with the kids is not yet known. It is dark, creepy, loud and I got hunted down by packs of year 10’s all wanting some kind of revenge. Didn’t quite come bottom of the pile though!

Thursday night saw me mutual aiding on the streets of Catton Grove and a good opportunity to catch up with Iain Dale, Tory Spokesman for North Norfolk. It’s looking good for us on the ground at the moment – very little sign of LibDem activity, possibly they are keeping their heads to the ground because of the way that Simon Hughes mayoral bid and their local Norwich campaign are falling away. Most Labour voters are seriously thinking again – lots coming over to us and the rest at least (for the first time in a long time) thinking about it.

Today was spent in Bowthorpe, delivering the second of our newsletters, which highlights the fact, that all of the Conservative candidates live in Bowthorpe, whilst none of the Labour Councillors do. Got the whole ward covered (good going!) and before we’d got home there had been calls to the office pledging their support. Spoke to a couple in Humbleyard who said they were sick of Blair and just wanted change. Then went over to the other side of Cloverhill and spoke to a family who have voted Labour through thick and thin even up until last year – but are voting for me this year. Great news! Labour really has got a reputation for being arrogant in Bowthorpe and it’s showing through. Can’t wait for polling day!

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