Friday, May 14, 2004

Conservatives "winning team" for Norwich

Norwich Conservatives announce full slate of candidates to stand up for our City

The Norwich Conservatives have today announced their candidates for the 39 seats being contested in the City Council elections on 10th June.

Standing on the steps of City Hall, the Conservatives said they would be challenging the complacency that had set in within the Labour and Lib Dem Council Groups and declared their ambition to "tackle fly tipping, to regenerate the City Centre and get Norwich City moving again."

Antony Little, who is contesting Bowthorpe for the Conservatives, said: "I am very pleased that the Conservatives are fielding a diverse group of candidates - of all ages and professions and from all over Norwich. We are putting forward new ideas to make our City a better place to live and work. We have high hopes of being a major force on Norwich Council after June 10th. With our candidates being from students to solitictors and pensioners to postal workers, we're getting a great reception on the doorsteps."

Catton Grove Candidate Eve Collishaw added, "It is great to see the Conservatives giving everybody in Norwich the chance to vote for a real alternative to the stagnant Lib Dems in City Hall. We are about bringing democracy closer to the people of Norwich."

UEA Students Union Officer Dipesh Palana is also standing for the Conservatives - in University Ward. Dipesh said: "Students have been let down by Labour and let down by Charles Clarke on student fees. These elections will give them a chance to have their say on Labour's destructive fees."

Trevor Ivory - Conservative candidate for Catton Grove - welcomed the number of young Conservative candidates. Trevor said, "It is fantastic that there are so many people amongst the Conservative candidates. Young people feel let down by Tony Blair who promised so much but delivered so little. They are sending a message to Tony Blair by voting Conservative."

Town Close Conservative candidate John Wyatt blasted the Labour government: "There is only one way to send a message to this Labour government and that's by electing Conservative councillors. Everybody knows the Lib Dems back Labour in Norfolk and can't win on their own - the Conservatives are the only serious alternative."

The Conservatives will be announcing their manifesto in stages starting next week.

Full list of Conservative Candidates for Norwich City Council:

Bowthorpe Ward:
Antony Little, Louise Little, Roger Wills

Catton Grove:
Colin Barker, Eve Collishaw, Trevor Ivory

John Fisher,Angus Mackay, Edwin Williams

Ian Mackie, Judith Virgo, Bernard Wells

Tom Holland, George Richards, Eileen Wyatt

Nathan Bennett, Nick Stimpson, Richard Wells

Mile Cross:
David Mackie, Clive Smith, Joanne Williams

Vic Hopes, Lisa Ivory, Rachel McGurk

Jeremy Carver, Ernie Horth, Diane Roberts

Thorpe Hamlet:
Christopher Coupland, Barbara Kettel, Mary Le Winton

Town Close:
Thomas Jarrett, Christine Munroe, John Wyatt

Simon Down, Christine Page, Dipesh Palana

Christine Mackie, Phillip Saunders, Christopher Taylor

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