Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but the campaign is really going at some pace – we are now calling on everybody for the second time to try and catch those people who were out last time. There is a real sense of enthusiasm for having local people representing Bowthorpe. Our Labour councillors all live far from the ward, whereas the local candidates see the problems and people in Bowthorpe day in, day out. Glad to see a really good poster display going up around the area for the Conservatives too – people willing to make a very public statement about who they are supporting. Just managed to find time yesterday to watch the FA Cup Final and go to Ster Century and watch Troy. A very good film (my wife cried!) if rather long. Another real epic! On Wednesday I have been invited to go to an anti-council tax meeting. Interestingly enough I spoke to a policeman in Bowthorpe yesterday who said that with his wage, plus his wife’s part time job, they would end up paying more under the Lib Dem Local Income Tax than under Council tax – at a time when they are struggling to buy their first home and bring up a small child. I think the Lib Dems have really not thought this one through enough.

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