Friday, June 25, 2004

Antony warns of internet scam:

Following the EDPs front page yesterday, Antony warned that he too has been hit by an internet scam:

The EDP does Norfolk a great service in highlighting the dreadful telephone scams, which are causing misery to a great many people (front page 24/6).

My wife and I were recently victims of this sort of “internet mugging” and thought that we might be alone in our fate, but it seems not. In our case we were connected to an account in the Cook Islands after cancelling a pop up on screen. Luckily the connection only lasted 11 seconds – but still cost us a whopping £24 for the privilege.

BT, although very nice about it, said we were responsible for the bill. Ours was, in the great scale of things, a minor incident but how I feel for those robbed of hundreds through these scams.

Since this we have become extremely wary of the internet and never visit sites that we have not visited before or follow links. This is a shame as it is not what the internet was meant to be about – freedom of information in a global community.

So all power to the EDPs elbow and I wish our Norfolk MPs the best of luck when taking this issue to the government.

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