Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Yesterday was a fantastic day on the campaign trail - not least because I managed to get a haircut that doesn't make me look like a coconut. The hairdressers is fast becoming a very political place to be - subjects covered included taxes (too many of them), education (too few teachers), Iraq (too many terrorist killings) and pensions (too little cash for senior citizens). Most interesting quote was from one lady who said she voted LibDem last time, but won't now because of their slavish pro-European line.

Then it was onto Ber Street to meet Robert Westrop - owner of "Bob's Fish & Chips" and Theresa May, Shadow Transport Secretary. Robert has a real problem and is due to shut his business in the next month because the parking meters around his shop has caused a massive drop in trade. Theresa and I - plus Euro candidate Jonathon Morgan - spoke to Robert at length on the issue. Robert is really annoyed that the council seem simply not to listen - first Labour and now the LibDems. It's just not good enough! Following a lunch with Theresa in the T Lounge, it was off again to start campaigning in Bowthorpe.

The evening was spent in Catton Grove, helping Trevor Ivory, Colin Barker and Eve Collishaw re-take the seat from Labour. From the responses we were getting last night, I'm pretty confident.

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