Friday, June 18, 2004

Norwich is a "Fine City."

There is no other way it can be said. It isn’t just a slogan but more of a universal truth. The story in today’s EDP, repeated in the Evening News, that the City slogan might be dumped is an outrage and yet more from the brigade who care little for either tradition or history. And it isn’t the first time this crazy idea has been floated!

Then a tiny, tiny cynic inside me started to turn. Every time this story gets leaked into the press, it is instantly slapped down by City Hall Lib Dems. Always makes them look like the champions of Norwich. Wonder how it gets pushed in the first place – who is actually behind this scheme?

We don’t need a new slogan, and we don’t need the Lib Dems to tell us we don’t need a new slogan. Norwich people know that.

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