Friday, February 20, 2004

Sorry I haven't been doing much lately but I hve been feeling really down in the dumps with some evil medical disorder that falls somewhere between flu and a nasty head cold. Spend the whole of today in bed and most of yesterday, raising only the go to the Norwich South Conservatives AGM as a guest speaker, alongside the wonderful Iain Dale.

It was very well attended actually and the "political conference" section was extremely upbeat. Iain Dale, who is the next Conservative MP for North Norfolk spoke with real passion about where the next Conservative government was going and how the party can get in touch with people again.

My speech, on the other hand - whilst equally upbeat, I'm sure - was a bit more of a damning attack on the LibDems in Norwich. Only yesterday did it strike me that Eaton is the cause of all harm in Norwich - Ian Couzens selling our balances down the river for his own propaganda uses, Judith Lubbock changing her mind over mobile phone masts and declaring them to be safe so that LibDems wouldn't have to fulfill a pledge to remove them, and Brian Watkins - the man who said that "no change is not an option" on Norwich Market, before finding that 90% of people opposed the changes and declared that the market was now safe and that it was him who saved it. There is nothing the Lib Dems won't say to win your vote!

Still, the longer they are in power, the more they are exposed...

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