Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Lib Dems are up to their old tricks again, and trying to convince people that they can win Norwich South - I'm glad it's not just me that disagrees:

"They (Norwich South Conservatives) are a good group and most of the officers are in their twenties. I think they're going to run a very good campaign in this year's local elections and then against Charles Clarke. The Liberals, of course, are trying to say they stand the best chance of beating Charles, but they have never done well in Norwich South. They also have a candidate who seems to have amnesia about where he actually lives." Political Commentator Iain Dale

Pleasing facts to note:
1. Lib Dem vote share fell in 2003
2. Labour vote share fell in 2003
3. Conservative vote share rose in 2003
4. Last poll rating for Conservatives = 40%
5. last poll rating for LibDems = 19%
6. Conservatives have always come in top two for Norwich South
7. LibDems have never won Norwich South
8. Lib Dems are a complete shambles at City Hall

I'd call that a recipe for Tory success at the next election.

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