Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The constant LibDem cries about Norfolk County Council being responsible for the SOS Bus in Norwich really now demand a response. I issued this last night, ahead of a talk I will be giving tonight:


Leading Norwich Conservatives have reacted angrily to Lib Dem suggestions that the County Council should rescue the much needed SOS Bus and have instead demanded that the Lib Dem controlled City Hall should be the ones to boost the scheme.

At a speech to the City Group Conservatives tomorrow (Wednesday), Deputy Chairman of the Norwich South Conservatives & Spokesman for Bowthorpe Ward, Antony Little will accuse the Lib Dems of “gross hypocrisy“ and demand that they cut their £500,000 public information budget and save the bus.

The Lib Dems had demanded that Norfolk County Council cut their stall at the Royal Norfolk Show to pay for the SOS Bus.

Antony, a secondary school teacher in the City, said:

“As far as we Norwich Conservatives see there is a clear duty of care for the City Council to be acting on this issue. It's all very well for the Lib Dems to go around demanding that other Councils pay for it, but to do so when the Lib Dem City Hall is wasting half a million pounds on “public information“ and “public opinion research“ is gross hypocrisy.“

“To take money away from the Royal Norfolk Show may effect the number of foster parents or carers that Norwich recruits. It is, effectivley, money being spent on caring for others.“

“However, the City Lib Dems are planning to spend far more of our taxpayers money on their own blatant self-publicity, spin and propaganda disguising itself as “City Pride“. Perhaps the Lib Dems should sacrifice a few posters on bus stops and banners on City Hall to pay for this vital service.“

“The amount of money required to help the SOS Bus is, effectivley, a small part of their £500,000 publicity budget, and we're sure that it is a sacrifice that can be made to secure this vital service for Norwich.“

“The Lib Dems have acted very badly in all of this. They should now show some leadership, cut the ridiculously large propaganda budget and put the £36,000 needed into the SOS Bus. They have the power within their budget to save our bus, will they now do so?“

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