Sunday, February 15, 2004

Lazy Sunday afternoons...

After Church this morning I've spent a rather lazy day seeing some of the finer sights in the Eastern Region. A picnic in Oulton Broad seemed like *such* a good idea until it started to rain and got so cold that it made us retreat to the car. We went off to enjoy Beccles and then home. Very pleasant if not very pleasant weather.

Spent the afternoon reading the papers and starting write my speech for the Norwich South Conservatives AGM on Thursday. Also managed to start on the Ambrose Close petition (see below).

Did manage to catch Bremner, Bird and Fortune. Lovely gag about LibDems having no serious policies that threaten them with power within 45 years. Even better piece in today's Sunday Torygraph about the challenege for Oliver Letwin this week. It actually summed up the problem rather nicely. Labour have got the entire nation to believe that public spending is all good and that any cut in public spending equals the immediate sacking of teachers and closing of hospitals. The truth is that much government spending is NOT good (i.e. burgening civil service, quangos et al). Letwin must set out that you can cut spending and maintain real investment in education and health. Better spending, it's called. As the Torygraphs puts it, "the pie gets smaller but some slices get bigger." Once thats done then the Tories can either choose to cut tax (which is, for the benefit of the trendy leftie media, a good thing) or raise spending on certain things. Let's hope Letwin can do his stuff - Labour will try and spin it that the Conservatives are cutting "schools'n'hospitals", so let's hope we put paid to that.

Am now being made to suffer watching some God awful film staring some man I've never heard of. How we Conservatives suffer...

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