Monday, February 23, 2004

I spent this evening on a very interesting walk around Ambrose Close. Firstly, I persuaded the Housing Association to clear the communal garden area of all the litter that had built up over many weeks without care. However, the estate guys managed to prune the bushes and even do the weeding, but left all the litter exactly where it was. Sigh*. Secondly a lot of residents are complaining about this close not having any pavements, and mothers with children being forced to walk in the road with cars not exactly minding their speed. Knocked on a few doors and the fears being caused by this are evident. When the petition is ready (hopefully within the week) then it must be a priority for the Council. Will also let the Evening News know – a classic example of a complete planning mess. Who doesn’t put in pavements? Now I can settle down and watch “The Deputy” on the BBC and do some marking – year 10 essays on the role of William Harvey in renaissance medical discoveries and his impact on modern heart treatments. Lovely.

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