Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I simply don't know which piece of Lib Dem hypocrisy to post first, before rushing off to class!

Monday was the big budget debate at County Hall, with the ruling Conservatives planning some pretty big investment into services and a 5.75% council tax rise. Que Lib Dems jumping up and down, calling it a disgrace, declaring half of Norfolk can't pay and aren't those wicked Tories awful? So step forward the alternative Lib Dem budget - surely a radical overhaul of the public finances with a ruthless streak of prudence to save the council tax payers of Norfolk ... er, 0.23% actually.

Yes, that's right, all this fuss and even the Lib Dems admit that would only bring down the council tax in Norfolk by 0.23% (that's a matter of pence per month to you and I). The hypocrisy of the fuss they are making stinks to high political heaven. They'll do (and say) anything to win votes.

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