Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working Hard for Bowthorpe - All Year Around!

And that's not just an election slogan! I must admit that I took the weekend after the by-election off, mainly to see my kids again, but this week has been straight back into it. The bizarre twilight world of the by-election meant that a number of other issues took a back seat, but they are all back on the agenda now.

On Tuesday night I attended the Lord Mayor's Business Reception at Norwich Castle which was an excellent event; not only well attended but the quality of the debate - particularly on the round table - was impressive. It became very clear that business wants a low tax, low intereferance attitude from the City Hall; faciliate business, they urged. There was good support for a number of the cultural functions of the council (elephants, ice trail etc) and an interesting split over transport (some for more road closures, others for opening up more routes).

Tonight I did a street meeting with residents about pavement issues in Clover Hill, cyclists on pavements and repairing roads. I met with one of the City engineers to talk to residents abot an action plan and I think everyone left happy; nice to have a bright evening to stand outside and chat! Then I had a Bowthorpe Ward Councillors meeting and onto the Bowthorpe Community Partnership where, amongst other things, we heard a report of the opening of the new Youth & Community Centre and concerns about the state of Bowthorpe Hall Road.

And the rest of the evening has been catching up on correspondance and the like. A busy life ...

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