Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bowthorpe Gets Bizarre: Vote Witshire?

The City Council have admitted that they have spelt our candidate, Andrew Wiltshire, wrong on the ballot paper - they have called him WITSHIRE instead. They have apologised but this just gives the impression that the council doesn't have their eye on the ball and can't get anything right.

All postal voters should be aware that the votes will count, including if you have corrected the council's spelling on the ballot paper!

This is unbelievable really; that there wasn't thorough checking with regards to the spelling of candidates names. I really haven't ever heard of this before; I hope it doesn't confuse and doesn't put anyone off from voting. The council has written to apologise; but as one voters said to me on the doorstep tonight ... and they want unitary status?


Anonymous said...

I returned my postal ballot for Andrew Witshire today; good old City Hall!

Anonymous said...

Actually I think you are incorrect there Antony, I'm pretty sure that the people who have added the 'l' on their postal ballot paper have to return them to John Jones and get a replacement one sent out.As for this being a reason for not having unitary oh pleeeeease - doorstep voter, it must be wonderful in your perfect world where you make no mistakes!

Anonymous said...

I returned my postal vote for Andrew.

However, Antony, you will be aware residents of Bowthorpe have had 5 communication through their mail compared to one from Andrew; which gives the impression to locals; Dave Thomas is keener to win the ward than Andrew. So a A1 leaflet needed from Andrew in the last week if the Labour complacency lesson/bug itsn't going to spread.

Anonymous said...

Great real Little - the Dims are going to win Bowthorpe and you know it.

They were storming around Bowthorpe delivering egg blue handwritten letters while you guys were pushing out the same crappy black and white rubbish with terrible photos.

What will you feel like when Simon Wright's machine gets to work in your little nest egg in Bowthorpe? Looking forward to your election against the type of campaign you've seen in the last 5 weeks? Enjoy your council allowance while you can.

Antony said...

Anon 1 - thank you!
Anon 2 - I have checked with John Jones and they will be accepted
Anon 3 - I appreciate that comment, we have matched the LibDems leaflet for leaflet and letter for letter so I apologise if you have missed out; do you, perhaps, live somewhere "gated"?
Anon 4 - I could make a comment about the decline in LibDem cllrs under Wrights "leadership" but will just say that your IP is very interesting indeed!