Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Latest Norwich South poll

Conservative 33%
Labour 31%
LibDems 24%
Green 13%

According to latest poll of polls here

No matter how many of these we get, the pattern of the seat being a tight Lab/Con marginal remains. A two horse race, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Of course the Lib Dems have been dividing their attentions between two by elections in recent weeks , Bowthorpe and Buxton in Broadland.

Any comment on the result Antony - the Lib Dems gained the seat off the Tories - moving from a poor third in 2007 to victory polling 71% of the vote

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this appears to be a case of neglect by our colleagues in the countryside, who after winning these seats fifty years ago, seem to believe they can get away with not speaking with any of the residents.

Thankfully, this is not the case in Norwich South and particularly not in Bowthorpe.

Antony said...

I wasn't shocked by Buxton, Comrade, and will have a great deal to say about it after Friday!

Charles - you are on the right lines...

Anonymous said...

The Tories did work Buxton, the candidate was fairly confident on the day.

I don't understand what Keith Simpson means when he is citing extenuating circumstances. Maybe he picked something up that I didn't when he was out with the Tory team.

The Tories had a well known candidate who had previously sat for the ward (both as a Troy and Independent). The Tory candidate was also getting help from soe Independent Broadland cllrs. The Tory candidate had stood as an independent in the ward in 2008 - between them, he and the official Tory had polled about 80% of the vote!

An allegation has been raised about an MP mailing that only seemed to go to the Buxton ward. It was issued just prior to the calling of the by election.

Does this take any of the words out of your mouth Antony?

True Blue said...

Well Comrade, You seem to know a lot of the detail. I guess that you must be pretty close to the action.

Anonymous said...

Come on Antony, things must be getting desperate if you are using the Baxter site, I thought more of you!

Its also preditcting Norman Lamb will have a majority of 0.32%, I think that says it all!