Friday, March 13, 2009

By-Election: Con Hold

More on this tomorrow but this is a fantastic result for us and I will be expecting apologies from various anonymous comment leavers!

Results of Bowthorpe ward by-election - Thursday 12 March

Candidate name Political party Votes Elected
Jo Storie Labour 761
Dave Thomas Liberal Democrats 686
Christine Way Green Party 193
Andrew Wiltshire Conservative 915 X


Anonymous said...

Good Man Anthony, congratulations to you and the Norwich team!

Ben Surtees

Anonymous said...

First impression is that there is something in this result for all the main parties to smile about. For a defending party victory is everything, the Labour vote has held up better than I think they expected, Lib Dems have more than trebled their vote. However, we can all be particularly pleased at a truly dreadful result for the Greens.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Andrew and you all on a solid victory. Keep looking after Bowthorpe for us!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a truly brilliant result Antony.

Look at the changes in vote share -
Green down a huge 6%
Labour down a massive 8%
Conservative down just 2%
Lib Dem up 16%

So, despite massive effort by Simon Wright and his LD team the outsider Dave Thomas could still only manage third place.

And, referring to your recent post showing you are ahead according to the "Latest Norwich South poll", if we extrapolate the swing in yesterday's by-election (an actual election in the constituency rather than a contentious interpretation of a national opinion poll) this puts the result of the next general election as a win for......

....Simon Wright, Liberal Democrat.

Oh dear, Antony, what a shame.



Anonymous said...

Well done Antony, a great result for 'Witshire' and your team.

After such a massive effort on their part, only to come third again, the Lib Dems are inderstandably sore. A bit of a letdown for the Norwich party and their guest Mr Lamb?

Anonymous said...

Back at the start I predicted 40 odd percent for the Tories - I was wrong. Instead they are down 10% on last year and its their lowest percentage poll and lowest vote in Bowthorpe since the county elections. Still - as I said, for a holding party victory is everything in a by election.

More than trebling their vote on a lower turnout is a very good Lib Dem result. Its been a patchy two or three years but the Lib Dems are ontheir way back on this evidence

I am struggling to find out when the Greens last polled so poorly in a ward in a city election. A very good assessment by the residents of Bowthorpe of the wuality of the official opposition party.

Anonymous said...

Well, Fantastic result for Andrew.

The turnout was low at 31% but not a reflection on the campaigning quality.

Libdems must be devastated after an all out drive to win. Saw lone Brian Watkins figure in Earlham posting Good Mornings through post boxes. I think LibDems leafletting was good but Greyhounds slurs, parachuted candidate and pigmea Wright were campaign liabilities.

Andrew Wiltshire played a clean campaign on the local issues and this has been rewarded and predictably has gone down well with locals.

It would be nice to allow local voting to become easier such as pin/credit cards in superstalls, Post Office or in workplace., or incentives/council credits for voting

obob said...

As we told the conservative caller on the door - for us it was a no-brainer. Not only are the conservatives doing a good job they are the only ones who are *listening*. I might not agree with everything you say or do but at least you bothered to ask what I thought instead of greeting me with "I know I can count on your vote"!! After labour's witch hunt of home educators I would not trust them locally or nationally in any case.


Anonymous said...


I totally agree. Conservatives have been listening on the basic ward issues/done a good job.

Labour very rude/stroppy if they couldn't count on your vote. No wonder former Labour voters are more savy/don't vote for red monkey's.

LibDem's mass communications and smear campaign, lacked track record and results, hid its own 2006 shortcomings and had its own PPC liabilities on the doorstep. Watkins would make a better PPC, IMHO.