Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bowthorpe Gets Dirty: Part 3 - LibDem phone canvassing

Next ... a Chapel Break resident raises with me the tactics being used by the LibDems with their massive phone bank effort in this election. Apprently the chap rang to ask who the resident would vote for, bearing in mind that only the LibDems could win in Bowthorpe. When the resident challenged them on local election figures, the phone canvasser paniced and hung up. This is not the first LibDem phone canvassing complaint we have recieved. I have passed this onto the LibDems and asked them to cease this kind of tactic. I know that the people running the LibDem campaign aren't from Norwich, but people here don't appreciate this kind of campaigning at all.

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Anonymous said...

Antony you pass comment on how the Council spell your colleagues name wrong. Your spelling of paniced is incorrect, and you are a teacher!!!