Monday, December 22, 2008

The GTC - Pointless and Wasteful

Norfolk Blogger may be totally off the mark when it comes to politics, but he continues to hit the right notes when it comes to education; and in fact serving teachers of all parties do seem to be coming together on a bit of a consensus when it comes to edcuation policy - we just need this to filter up to the political parties themselves.

In this particular case, NB puts the spotlight on the GTC (General Teaching Council) which he asks what it has achieved in the last 9 years apart from threatening to rob teachers of their QTS over drunken behaviour and the like. Since when did the state control us like this? Anyway ...

... Although I would agree with every word, it isn't the utter pointless nature of the GTC which irritates me. I could just about handle a government created body which had no point but discharged its duties in an effective and efficient manner. The trouble is that the GTC is neither.

I recieved a letter from it this week.

It told me that I am not registered with the GTC and I must be; OK but here are the facts.

I am a qualified teacher in my 8th year working at my 2nd school. I am in my 6th year at Notre Dame High School.

They are writing to me at my home address; how did they obtain this if I wasn't previously registered.

I have voted in pointless GTC elections in the past.

I have done all this - apparently - without being registered.

I have been teaching in schools - apparently - without being registered.

So there is one of two explanations:
1. I have been registered all this time and the letter is a total waste of my time and my taxpayers money.
2. I have not been registered and have illegally been teaching for many years. All those grades will have to be annulled. Those kids in universities shall have to be withdrawn. I shall have to stop marking this GCSE coursework. Oh well!

The GTC says everything about Labour - a giant, monolithic organisation with no purpose or sense of good about it. It wastes money, creates pointless paperwork and most of all, has no impact on my life, my teaching or most importantly my pupils lives.

I trust that when Mr Gove is looking for savings to be made - the £33 registration fee per qualified teacher comes from the government remember, because tecahers complained about having to pay it ourselves - in the Education Department this is first on the list.

The GTC? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.


Anonymous said...

GTC needes wrapping up! Its useless.

Ofsted scrapped as schools can assess themselves, or have a local officer to monitor.

There are simply to many educational bodies with fingers in the educational pie and no chequebook.

Anonymous said...

I really dont see the point of the GTC...What do they do on any level? A total waste of time and money.