Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greens knew about Greyhound Opening 18 months ago ... but said nothing

Personal statement by Councillor Steve Morphew, Leader of Norwich City Council and Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Brian Watkins, Leader of the LibDems and Councillor Antony Little, Leader of the Conservatives.

Steve Morphew, leader of the council, said: “I have every confidence that the inquiry is dealing with this seriously and thoroughly and will report fully at the earlier possible opportunity. The final report will be made public, along with any lessons that need to be learned.

“I am as concerned as anybody about this as it clearly raises important issues and I also want to be reassured that proper procedures are in place and being followed.

“I would like to make it absolutely clear that I did not know properties were being offered to Green Party councillors. I have reported the matter to the council’s standards committee as this is clearly a serious allegation.”

Brian Watkins, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said: “I am very concerned that it appears a councillor knew what was happening 18 months ago, and that he did not go through the proper procedure, which would have been to report it to the council. There appears to have been a serious lack of judgement from the Green Party and also from their leader.

“I am reassured that the investigation is proceeding as quickly as possible, but there are clearly important issues that need to be addressed. When the inquiry is finished, that will be the time to comment further.”

Antony Little, leader of the Conservative Group, said: “There has been a great deal of public speculation about who knew what. It is clear that some Green Party councillors knew this was going on but did not see fit to report it, as is their statutory duty.

“The Green Party has been calling for a full investigation and now it appears they have information that may be critical to that inquiry.”

“We have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the people of Norwich and it needs to be clear who knew what and why they did not bring it to the council’s attention sooner.”


Anonymous said...

Adrian Ramsay has behaved dreadfully over this. I am not a huge fan of Morphew (nor you Antony) but he is still a fundalmentally decent man. Ramsay's attempt to play politics with this is disgraceful. Dispite their success in norwich, if their deputy leader is so clinically incapable of behaving according you can only conclude that the are an even bigger joke than UKIP. Hopefully Adrian will be displinced and then maybe get a real job, rather than swanning around playing at politics.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why the Greens had been so quiet about this issue. It seems that Ramsey is trying to do a smoke and mirrors to hide his own parties ineptitude on this. Wonder if Rupers will ever blog on this issue?

Sorry i missed Olivia's Birthday, one had to overindulge in corporate hospitality in London, but i did go by public transport and had a spiffing good full english on the way home. Lord Dustbindale

Anonymous said...

The councillor is question should stand down now. The fact he/she knew about this and did nothing means they have to go IMO.

It also raises questions about Ramsey, this is a serious scandal and now it seems the greens knew about this and did nothing.

The whole this is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you Antony, but I'm fed up to the back teeth on this one!!

We don't need politicans playing petty politics on this one, largely they have been wise not to.

Issues: Norwich needs new affordable houses. So direction to evict tenents was correct/ council's option.

Placing officers in retired council stock ethically questionable.

Renting at sub market prices (£47/week)in council stock is IMO immoral/a non transparent perk. Its a clear conflict, using public assets for private gain (compared to other tenants/feeholders paying market rates at £400-£1000pcm)

Anonymous said...

Shows the Greens aren't fit to be an opposition.