Sunday, December 07, 2008

Statement regarding "Times" report on Norwich City Council Housing Department

Joint statement on behalf of Cllr Steve Morphew, Leader of the Council and Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Brian Watkins, Leader of the LibDem Group and Cllr Antony Little, Leader of the Conservative Group:

"Senior officers are carrying out a rigorous investigation. Leaders of all political groups on the council have been briefed and have passed on the position to councillors in their groups. All councillors already know there is an investigation taking place and so to call for something they know is happening is deliberately misleading. We will not allow the investigation to be compromised."

"We have a responsibility to the council and the people. Making irresponsible comments about an investigation they already know to be thorough and rigorous smacks of councillors playing politics when the city expects and deserves more. If there is an investigation into allegations about the standards of behaviour then councillors should be setting an example by letting that happen rather than making it more difficult."


Anonymous said...

A responsible approach to a difficult situation and you are to be commended for it Antony. Putting politics aside for responsible opposition shows strength as opposed to quick gains attempted by some.

Anonymous said...

You are to be praised for your sensible stance Anthony. Too many times we leap to conclusion - all in the aim of cheap publicity - without thinking about the person involved or the real cirucmstances. That is why an investigation is necessary.

I am shocked to see it is the LibDems - whom I once voted for at general elections - leading the bandwagon charge. They are disgraceful and, like the Green, Simon Wright has shown himself to be cheap, opportunistic and not ready for office.