Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's got Brown, it's got Cameron but no Clegg ... what does this tell us about LibDem literature?

When a lady in Thorpe Hamlet waved a political newspaper at me, all I could see was Gordon Brown's head. Then on turning to the inside there was David Cameron (both deliberately unflattering pictures I should add). On searching through, I discovered that it was a LibDem newspaper yet nowhere could I - or the householder - find a picture of Nick Clegg (who aparently leads their party). The lady was most put out - not because she was a Tory and wanted to attack the LibDems but because she likes Nick Clegg and was outraged they could show their 2 main opponents but not their own leader. Her killer line to me was a good one. Why should we trust a party that won't even advertise their own leader? Any ideas on why they did this would be welcome; it seems to break the political rules of not giving your opponents free advertising?

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