Monday, December 08, 2008

Greens will never say "sorry"; so why should anyone who has ever flown vote for them again?

Predictably, Green Party poster-boy Rupert Read leaps on the bandwagon and backs the borderline-illegal behaviour at Stanstead today.

I feel very very sorry for the passengers whose flights have been cancelled by this irresponsible action. The Green lobby needs to campaign through the democratic process and legitimate, peaceful means rather than this.

For those people hoping to see family at Christmas, travelling on business or going home after studying in the UK, this is not something they can forgive.

This total disregard for travellers and their lives says a lot about the protestors and the contempt in which they hold people. I hope the leaders of this protest - and their supporters - apologise for their frankley quite distrurbing and very disruptive actions, but I very much doubt they will.

And if you have ever flown - think on ... this could have been your flight. How would you have felt? And it could yet be any flight you take in the future.

Any party which supports this doesn't deserve support at the ballot box - because they themselves ignore the ballot box as a means of achieveing their aims.


Anonymous said...

Would Read have felt the same if he was flying to say, um Scotland, and his flight was disrupted by protesters?

Anonymous said...

With regard to the Standsted protesters, I think they were wrong in many aspects. They threatenened security, disrupted aircraft landings and passenger journeys. A great way to get negative public opinion against one's valid objection. Public now think they are nutty green extremists jumping on a band wagon.

There is a place for valid direct action, as a last resort (which Standsted wasn't, just a publicity stunt), but with this comes responsibility as to the consequences of safety, security and inconveniencing others. Plane Stupid were plain stupid! Cllr Read will support any cause thats anti car or anti plane. Most folk have more moderate, realistic and sensible viewpoints on both.