Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back on the Streets

Yesterday was a lot like a day during an election campaign; we had glorious sunshine here in Norwich and we Conservatives were out on the streets in numbers. It is the first full day of campaigning in a long time, generally because of the weather, and we just out and about taking the political temperature.

The reaction on the doorstep certainly backed up my assertion in my lats blog post that Brown was still taking a hit for the economic crisis. There was a lot of complaints about the amount of taxpayers money being used for the bail out (a lot of people compaired it to the the lack of money for projects they supported) but they were matched in equal number by those who believe it was the only option. There was little else notable from the national stage; not even any mention of Mandleson! Locally there were concerns about anti-social behaviour and also speeding traffic in the suburbs.

People are always pleased to see political canvassers, especially when we aren't out looking for their votes. There was a very good vibe for the Conservatives and it certainly backed up the feeling that we still have a good lead over Labour.


Anonymous said...

Finally the tories in wymondham have seen the light and deselected daniel cox perhaps all tories ought to look behind their backs

Anonymous said...

It's good to see dedicated canvassing this far from a General Election.

I wonder if sentiment would have been different if Norwich City Council hadn't been so prudent in relation to its investments (unlike many other City Councils and Public Authorities).

Ellee Seymour said...

Good for you Antony, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with much of this.

Local people are concerned about grafitti, vandalism, rowdiness, drugs, streets without signs, bus stops without timetables or working electonic timetables, cars using unenforced local 20mph zones like Silverstone as well as "unreportded" crime like property damage, assaults and stealing that police either take zonks to arrive or write off as being difficult to solve, thus carpet sweep them.