Monday, October 27, 2008

Osborne finally does it

The second story on the BBC News tonight is the admission of Shadow Chancellor George Osborne that he did make a mistake over the handing of "Yacht-gate". Many of us thought that the line was drawn under what some believed to be a "non-story" and with the BBC under fire for their attitude towards it that nothing more would come of it; and, in fact, with the spotlight turning to Lord Mandelson.

However, Osborne has managed to reignite the story with his words; but what did he actually say? Osborne said he made a mistake; he didn't break the law or do anything wrong but he had let the impression be given that he had. Hence he made a mistake in the presentation - this is a true and sound line to take and one many of us wish he had done last week instead of this.

Osborne did nothing wrong and broke no laws, but if he had accepted earlier that holidaying on the yacht of a person like that (and the Russian billionaire!) would look bad then we could all have gotten on with politics.

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