Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why the Greens oppose the A11

For those of you unable to attend the City Council meeting where the dualling of the A11 was discussed, I thought I would let you know why the Green Party voted against the scheme.

According to Adrian Ramsay's party, it would encourage people to come to Norfolk including tourists and also make it easier for us to go on holiday. This shouldn't be allowed, we were told - we should all be holidaying in Norfolk, whether we want to or not.

The Greens also said it might encourage business to come and employ people in Norwich and Norfolk and trade with our businesses. This shouldn't be allowed, we were told - businesses should be kept small and local, large ones were not welcome.

And the Greens would certainly not want supermarkets bringing their produce into Norwich. This shouldn't be allowed, we were told - as people should eat locally even if they could not afford to do so.

So take note, if you have a job at a medium or large company, or shop at supermarkets or take holidays outside of Norfolk then the Green Party disapprove of you and the choices you make.

The A11 badly needs dualling - for our economy, for our tourist trade and for our safety. For the Greens, political extremism come before all of those things.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why does anyone give the greens the oxygen of publicity? They are self-appointed, misguided misanthropes cursed with a dismal lack of self esteem. They are best ignored, or perhaps held up to the ridicule they deserve. Jonathan Dickson,

Anonymous said...

I assume you have read RRs blog where he called all parties dinosaurs but kept the nastiest stuff for the conservatives?

Anonymous said...

Greens are essentially in step with common sense on energy and recycling; but totally out of step with A11 and partially on NDR.

Greens are against growth and wealth in Norwich/ Norfolk. They are anti car, even anti green car.
They have to get more politically and economically realistic on car /road transport before I put X for Rupert Read in the Euros and X for Adrian Ramsay in Norwich South.