Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bar Chart Insanity (again)

Please do click and see this classic - here - from the LibDems in the Glenrothes by-election. The party has been going down the plughole recently and coming 4th in Glasgow East, behind the Tories, has really stung the party. Although they are not likely to do so badly this time they have a very uninspiring choice of candidate.

So back to the bar chart - "In Fife it's a two horse race for Westminster" it proclaims with the LibDems and Labour jostling for the top. So clearly their candidate Harry Wills must be a good bet to beat Labour.

But, hang on ... just check the last election result. Labour 52%, SNP 24% and then the LibDems on 13%. So a poor third place then - so whats with the bar chart? Oh look, there in the small print - the result of the 2006 Dunfirmlin by-election. So small you have to squint on screen to see it. So they are using a two year old by-election in another constituency to convince people they are ahead in Glenrothes?

Deliberately trying to decieve? Click and see for yourselfy but no wonder more and more people don't believe their bar charts or their party.

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Anonymous said...

Fairl enough on the bar chart.

But, have you noticed that over the past 6 weeks in local authority by-elections the Lib Dems have gained 8 and lost one (where they didn't stand). The Tories have a net loss over the same period.