Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brown set to reshuffle cabinet

The BBC is reporting that Gordon Brown will carry out a "limited" reshuffle of the cabinet within the next few days, which he has to do to replace Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly who has quit to spend more time with her 4 young children. Brown will now feel that the current economic situation will stop him making real changes at the top; so, for now, Miliband, Darling, Harman and Smith should feel safe. I also don't think he will feel that any sackings will be appropriate at this staff - so really just deckchairs stuff. I think Liam Bryne will be heading the queue to come into the cabinet. The economic problems may have given Gordon a lifeline, but it has also tied his hands with the reshuffle.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting shuffle. For good or otherwise Mandelson (Prince of Dark, or Pink)is a cunning and experienced political operator and orator to be feared by Brown, but more so as a threat by the lesser experienced Cameron and of Team Cameron. David Davies would have been a good foil.