Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dale's Tour

Before we went on holiday I did an interview for Telegraph TV, interview by Iain Dale - you can see the result below. A lot of the interview dwelled on my age, my profession and the rise of the Conservatives in Norwich. Being in my 20s and teaching at a state school have never really occurred to me as marking me out from other candidates, but this has made me think again. CCHQ are doing a lot to diversify according to sex and ethnic origin; but why aren't we doing more to bring in, for example, candidates with an experience of working in the public services such as teachers, doctors, nurses or ambulance drivers? Cameron says he wants a party that looks like modern Britain; so do I, but do we only judge ourselves by our sex, sexuality or colour of our skin? Diversity is - well - a bit more diverse than that.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Antony as usual.
From your number 1 fan!
A MP in waiting bring on the General Election Mr Brown.

Anonymous said...

Impressive performance Antony but you were hardly challenged by the questions. Why did he not ask about educational reform, Georgia, the environment, tax etc?

Lightweight stuff from Iain Dale (as usual). Why isn't he putting the next generation of Tory MPs through their paces?

Unknown said...

What I saw was brilliant Mr Little but the video stopped for me at 01:03. Perhaps it's because I'm not using a microsoft browser!

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