Monday, August 18, 2008

Campaigning in Norwich

Here is a quick round up of some of the stories that you may have missed since the summer holidays began, 4 weeks ago:

Backing a local football club to get a permenant home ground - here

Warning against bus fare increases and urging First not to scrap the 26/27 link to the West of the City - here - and speaking up for UEA students on this issue here

Supporting Evening News plans for a directly election Mayor for Norwich - here

Working with families to combat anti-social behaviour - here

Tackling crime in the suburbs - here

Opposing Labour's Post Office closures and urging a review of Castle Mall PO - here

Warning that "restorative justice" could be to massage crime figures down - here

Backing NHS staff in their campaign against Polyclinics - here

Supporting residents in their fight against a new eco-building in a Victorian building area - here


Anonymous said...

As I always say I only have half an eye on politics, but it is notable that on google news you have far, far more stories than the LibDem candidate and also just more than Mr Clarke!

Still behind Ramsay though ... tut tut Little!


Anonymous said...

well lets not forget that ramsay does not have a job or two young children . (tohugh of course anthony is on hoilday atm)