Friday, August 22, 2008

Pragmatic, useful ... and bound to be stolen by the government

Clegg's rather badly thought out energy policy yesterday has already been trumped by the rather more practical and down to earth plans launched today by Shadow Chancellor George Osbourne on introducing energy discount cards. The Tory plans will help around 4,000,000 people with energy bills and largely those on the bottom of the income scale. The Citizens Advise Bureau thinks its brilliant and it'll be run through the Post Office, helping to keep branches open. And after all, why should people who don't pay by DD or have a bank account have to then pay more for their energy?

Spot the difference; Clegg spouts some "finger in the wind" policy on energy in which they admit to having not done all the research and the numbers don't add up. Cameron's Conservatives launch a plan which is practical, pragmatic, helps people and tackles one of the major issues facing families.

So what now? Well, I wouldn't mind betting this idea now forms part of the government's autumn economic fightback...

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