Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thinking Again

Every now and again, no matter how strongly you feel about something in politics, you have a moment where you think again.

I have been an Obama fan for a long, long time and have always felt that he has the charisma and - dare I say it - moral compass that America needs. Clearly its easy for a Brit to sit back and have such thoughts about a country I won't have to live in, but I put aside worries regarding some policy stances and put the man ahead of his party. I don't much like the Democrats - and particularly hate the Clintons (both in office and running for nomination) - but I felt that he represented something good in the party and would be the change that the US needs. I'm sure that's how a lot of people think about Cameron. I was caught up in Obama-mania; I don't dislike McCain, but Obama is on the ballot. And then, he chose Joe Biden as his running mate.

We know why he was chosen; a foreign affairs expert with plenty of experience and a sop to the Democrat core vote. However, I am puzzled why the Obama team built up such expectation given the sfae nature of this candidate.

I can also forget the fact that Biden said he wouldn't be considered for VP, and I can also push to the back of my mind the attacks he made on Obama and the faint praise he has given for McCain. I can also blank out the plagurism of a Kinnock speech! And then, of course, he voted for the war...

But in the same way that I have supported Obama on a "kind of feeling"; I have that same feeling against Biden. He isn't the change candidate. He's the long serving Senator for Delaware and represents exactly the kind of politican that has put America in the position it is now. He's the pseduo-Clinton candidate, the obvious, mainstream, steady-as-she-goes candidate. He doesn't excite me, he isn't passionate about the future and doesn't suggest change.

Biden has put me off the Dmeocratic ticket; and McCain is making the running in the campaign. For the first time, I think Obama could just lose this.


Anonymous said...

shame on you Antony, Obama is literally nothing, John MCcain has his faults but would clearly be the better president.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a rerun of why Bush the lesser chose Cheney? I can't see why choosing someone to advise on your obvious weaknesses is a bad thing. Maybe McCain should choose someone who can count, preferably houses.

BTW Carrie McBradshaw and i have had a great time in the colonies and look forward to catching up with you and Mrs MP for norwich south soon.

Anonymous said...

Barring concerns on gas and food prices, and of Iraq and Credit crunches; I think your average american is undecided between Old McCain/ Vibrant Obama. They haven't a third choice as usual.

Anonymous said...

Is this really the very first time you have doubted an Obama victory???

I would be deeply worried if anyone was "excited" by Biden

Anonymous said...

McCain is a fascist just like George Bush lets hope that sanity prevails in this election..